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Бюджет и бюджетная система

Publication date: 22.09.2016
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Galkina Eleonora Yurievna , старший преподаватель
PEI of HE "Kazan Innovative University named after V.G. Timiryasov" , Татарстан Респ

«Ways of increasing the revenue of local budget (for example, Nizhnekamsk Municipal Education of the Republic of Tatarstan)»

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This article describes the issues of local self-government, which should be based on sound financial and economic foundation and this foundation is mainly composed of local budgets revenues. The author examines one of the most acute problems faced by local authorities. The study analyzes the low provision of local budgets own revenues, as well as the very order of interbudget relations.

Publication date: 15.04.2016
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Nikolaeva Galina Gavrilevna , магистрант
Financial and Economic Institute of FSAEI of HPE "M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University" , Саха /Якутия/ Респ

«Otsenka finansovoi samostoiatel'nosti biudzheta MO "Churapchinskii ulus (raion)" za 2012-2014 gg»

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One of the fundamental principles of organization of local self-government is the principle of its financial independence. Compliance with this principle is not possible without the presence in the local budgets of sufficient income. For a complete and comprehensive review of the municipality budget necessary to carry out an assessment of its financial position, which allows you to determine the level of financial balance, stability and self-sufficiency of the municipality budgets, to establish