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Парадигмы современной науки (различные направления)

Publication date: 28.11.2017
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Fedorova Irina Anatolevna , candidate of jurisprudence sciences , доцент
Eremeev Aleksandr Дмитриевич , магистрант
Plekhanov Russian university of economics , Москва г

«Особенности правового статуса публично-правовых компаний: зарубежный опыт»

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The monograph examines the legislation of the Republic of Belarus regulating state enterprises which is unknown to the Russian civil law type of legal entity. The characteristic of Russian legal entities, which in some respects is similar to the state Association has been considered. Special attention is paid to public-law companies/public corporations/public companies. The authors conclude that public enterprises are the best form of legal entity for centralized regulation of certain economic sectors and propose the improvement of Russian legislation on legal entities.

Экономические науки

Publication date: 28.07.2016
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Abramyan Gor Ashotovich , магистрант
FSAEI of HE "Southern Federal University" , Ростовская обл

«Actual methods of financial forecasting in a corporation»

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In accordance with macroeconomic instability, constantly changing market tendencies and political uncertainty sufficient and complex financial forecasting in a corporation is very important. The issue also marks the possibility of successful operating of a modern corporation using the most efficient and actual methods of financial planning and forecasting.


Publication date: 11.05.2018
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Bazlov Igor Aleksandrovich , bachelor of jurisprudence sciences , Магистр
Павлова О. Г. , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Russian State Justice University" , Москва г

«Problems of formation of the Russian model of corporate governance. Conditions of formation of the national model of corporate governance»

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В данной статье рассматриваются проблемы формирования российской модели корпоративного управления. По мнению авторов, формирование и укрепление данной национальной модели особенно важно для российских компаний в условиях кризиса, когда непросто достичь соответствия российских и международных кодексов корпоративного управления.


Publication date: 25.04.2016
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Zabroda Dmitrii Grigorevich , candidate of jurisprudence sciences , доцент, начальник кафедры, полковник полиции
Krymskii filial FGKOU VO "Krasnodarskii universitet MVD Rossii" , Крым Респ

«К определению понятия «корпоративная антикоррупционная политика»»

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Abstract: Based on analysis antykorruptsyonnoho legislation, practice the formative and Policy Implementation antykorruptsyonnoy otechestvennыmy and zarubezhnыmy Corporation sformulyrovano concept of "Corporate Anti-Corruption politics."

Юриспруденция (теория и история права и государства, гражданское, уголовное, международное право и др.)

Publication date: 23.06.2017
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Vartanian Magdalina Sergeevna , магистрант
FSBEI of HE "Aramvir State Pedagogical University" , Краснодарский край

«Компания LLC (Limited Liability Company)»

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This article discusses the General characteristics of an LLC, as well as its features.


Publication date: 05.09.2017
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Zlygostev Aleksandr Nikolaevich , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Ural State University of Economics" , Свердловская обл

«Methodology of functional and cost approach to improvement of a control system of corporation in modern conditions»

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According to the author, the corporate structure of economic entities is objective need today owing to the fact that the created conditions of acceleration of economic development of the country often demand association of several legal entities and individuals conducting an entrepreneurial activity to achieve the required result. At the same time, the corporation is not independent legal form and its activity is not regulated by the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. In this regard, there is a set of various interrelations and the relations of economic entities which are based on a basis of self-government and membership of participants of corporation on long-term contractual and contract conditions. This, in turn, predetermines the search of new, most effective forms and methods of formation and development of control systems of corporations including increases in level of their personnel potential.

Publication date: 11.07.2018
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Ermakov Dmitrii Nikolaevich , Honored Worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, Honored Worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, doctor of economic sciences, doctor of political sciences, professor , professor at the Department of Management
FSFEI of HE "Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation" , Москва г
Raizman Valeriia Vladimirovna , master , first deputy chairman of the board of the Fund, member of the Regional political council of the city of Moscow in the United Russia Party
Russian Academic Fund , Москва г

«Marketing strategy of public joint stock company «United aircraft corporation»»

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The article analyzes the development of modern marketing strategy of «Public Joint Stock Company United Aircraft Corporation». The main activities of the organization are considered.

Publication date: 04.07.2018
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Fedosova Olga Alexandrovna , student
FSAEI of HE «National Nuclear Research University MEPhI» , Москва г

«Disadvantages of rules of regulation of transfer pricing in the Russian Federation and ways of their improvement»

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Transfer pricing is an effective way to rise a competitiveness of vertical integrated companies and global value chains. This article considers advantages and shortcomings in the regulation of transfer pricing in Russia, describes examples, which show that tax authorities are not interested in cooperation with companies. There are some methods for improving tax legislation.


Publication date: 10.03.2017
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Suleimanov Marat Radikovich , аспирант
FSAEI of HE "Kazan (Volga) Federal University" , Татарстан Респ

«The legal personality of TNC: the issues»

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The article describes different approaches in definition of transnational corporation’s legal personality. The reviewed approaches have become available for the last fifty years and they contain completely opposite views on the legal personality of TNC. The methods of analyze, synthesis, ranging have been used during preparation of this article.