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Publication date: 13.04.2018
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Inamakhoro Divin , bachelor , магистрант кафедры журналистики и связей с общественностью
Petrishche Vitalii Ivanovich , candidate of economic sciences, docent , доцент
FSFEI of HE "I.S. Turgenev Orel State University" , Орловская обл

«The factor of social advertising in the formation of a healthy lifestyle of the population of the Republic of Burundi»

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The article analyzes the types and features of social advertising on the valeological theme in the Republic of Burundi


Publication date: 17.05.2016
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Kotliar Daniil Evgenevich , ученик 7 «В» класса
МБОУ «СОШ №8» , Крым Респ
Kotliar Elena Romanovna , candidate of art criticism , доцент
SBEIHE RC "Crimean Engineering and Pedagogical University" , Крым Респ

««Окна РОСТА» В. Маяковского как один из первых примеров социальной рекламы в России»

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The article describes the types and purposes of advertising, its causes, its pros and cons. Emphasis is placed on social advertising. Posters are considered "Windows ROSTA" V. Mayakovsky is one of the first forms of social advertising in Russia.