Yakovenko Nina Bogdanovna

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SEI of HPE “Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture”
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Organization of students’ knowledge control in the process of distance learning



the article observes the main problems of organizing and carrying out the educational diagnosis in distance learning. Studying different approaches to monitoring showed that such control types as routine control and self-control are more efficient and effective. There is a difficulty of carrying out the control in distance learning: the need for accurate identification of the learner's personality. Despite existing technologies and recent developments in this area, the problem of preventing the test results from falsification is not fully resolved. According to the authors, the basic type of r...

Понятие «педагогическая поддержка» в современной педагогике



статья посвящена проблеме педагогической поддержки в современной педагогической науке. Автор рассматривает понимание этого понятия разными педагогами. Хотя каждый ученый делает свой акцент, общими характеристиками педагогической поддержки являются осознание проблемы, согласие ребёнка на помощь, сотрудничество и гуманистический подход.