Berdnikova Svetlana Olegovna

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МАОУ «СОШ №6 им. Героя России С.Л. Яшкина»
учитель математики и информатики

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Качество жизни Пермского края



In this article, the author cites the changes in the population of the Perm region. It is noted that the Russian demographic program aims to change the unfavorable situation in the social sphere. A crucial role for the growth of reproductive activity, that is, an increase in population. Thus, the level of living conditions contributes to a strong family, increased motor activity of Russians, healthy lifestyle, systematic physical culture and sports.

Физическая подготовленность школьников в средней школе



Abstract. The article presents the results of testing the initial level of physical fitness of students based on the results of preliminary control. The results of the testing of high-speed and power abilities and general endurance of boys and girls. The estimation of the level of development of motor qualities in students one year of study.