Gusev Sergey Sergeevich

Place of work

FSBIS Institute of Management Problems named after V.A. Trapeznikov RAS

Author's articles(4)

Artificial intelligence as a reflection of reality in the twenty-first century



the article discusses artificial intelligence (AI) at the present stage of development, as a way of presenting and understanding AI as the mechanisms of computers. Features a large bunch of some algorithmic procedures for the solution by computer of a specific task, an example of which can serve as an attempt of modeling of biological neural networks.

The role of information technology in the control of complex system



information technology in modern world play a considerable and maybe a major role in the control of complex systems. Information technology provide the possibility of active human participation in the development of important physical processes, phenomenon, events, which allow to use them in control theory of complex systems.

The problems of plant control on modern stage of development of the nuclear industry



the article describes the successful development of nuclear industry at the present stage of its development, the problems of control of nuclear power plants, their classes and the choices of modern science in the field of design of fast neutron reactors as one of the promising directions of development of atomic energy.

Analysis of methods and approaches of solving problems with multi-criteria choice in conditions of uncertainty



the article deals with analysis of methods and approaches solving problems with multi-criteria choice in conditions of uncertainty; describes the theory of multidimensional utility theory of fuzzy sets Zadeh and method of analysis of hierarchies Saaty decision-making in multiobjective multidimensional systems. The author has also provided the analysis of the management of nuclear power plants on the subcritical level. Pareto-optimization approach of control has been used as methods of resource management. It explores the work of the optimization algorithm solutions consisting of two stages.