Valova Teodora Dimitrova

Place of work

Medical university - Pleven
associate professor
doctor of pedagogic sciences

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Rabota v komande kak chast' pedagogicheskogo innovatsionnogo protsessa



As an organizational form, the team is a part of the modern educational management and is a tool for creating a stimulating learning environment. The team members share a common goals, the same ambitions of success in terms of the projects and tasks they perform. The scientific work has a theoretical character, describing the main characteristics of pedagogical team as a part of the pedagogical innovative process.

Mentoring in the context of team work for efficient inclusion



the monograph examines the problem for the role of team within the time of continuing qualification, without subsequent certification of starting-up teachers. Analysis has been made of the normative documents, specialized pedagogic and methodological literature. The research section provides the author’s investigation of educational staff attitude to improve the pedagogic competency thru participation in formal and informal education with the assistance of mentors. The monograph is intended for students, teachers and university lecturers.

Interaction among lecturers and students within the frame of Bulgarian language blended learning for foreigners



the use of electronic platforms and applications to continue audience training in Bulgarian language for foreigners is reviewed as modern form of University education. Blended learning is flexible technology to acquire knowledge about foreign languages-content, structure, language norm and implementation of pedagogic interaction in electronic educating environment, where cooperative activities and individual learning are taking place, employing educational resources preliminary prepared by lecturer.