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Publication date: 02.12.2016
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Anastasia N. Shulgina
Aleksandr A. Sergeev , candidate of economic sciences
FSFEI of HE "Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation" , Москва г

«The main problems of Cycling excursions on the Moscow market»

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The article discusses the reasons of rejection of Bicycle transport. It is noted that the main causes are the heavy ecological situation in Moscow and a large number of vehicles. The authors note that according to the Department of natural resources 90% of pollution is caused by the road transport. To solve this problem, the authors offer to use bicycles and to develop a network of cycle routes and excursions, improve the quality of bike paths to connect them together, to approve the rules of the road (SDA) for cyclists, which will reduce the number of accidents with their participation. The article presents strong arguments in favor of the development and use of bicycles and bicycle tours.

Publication date: 02.12.2016
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Viktoria Y. Linnik
Olga V. Eliseeva , candidate of economic sciences
Institute of Service and Entrepreneurship (a branch of) FSFEI of HE "Don State Technical University" , Ростовская обл

«Comparative analysis of the excursions classifications»

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The article is devoted to the problems of excursions classification, analysis of classification systems in domestic practice, discusses the concepts of «interactive tour», «tour-lesson», «tour lecture» as forms of educational activities. Authors pay special attention to the permissibility of referring them to the kinds of excursions, compliance with mandatory criteria and prove the necessity of development of a complete modern classification of the excursions based on the experience of existing systems.

Педагогика высшей профессиональной школы

Publication date: 13.10.2016
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Natalia I. Kulakova , candidate of pedagogic sciences
FSBEI of HE "Ryazan State University named after S.A. Esenin" , Рязанская обл

«Influence of excursion work on the quality of educational process in high school improvment»

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Tourism and excursion services are a part of the socio-economical and cultural life of the community, they have organizational forms and technologies, so the discipline "Technology and organization of excursion services" occupies an important place among other academic disciplines in the preparation of specialists in the field of tourism. It has a great professional and ideological significance. The author emphasizes the fact that this subject contributes to the growth of professionalism, staines positively monotonous work on memorization, repetition or assimilation of information and emotionality of excursion actions activates all the mental processes and functions of the student.

Педагогика общеобразовательной школы

Publication date: 21.06.2016
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Mariia A. Peshkina
FSBEI of HE "Vyatka State University" , Кировская обл
Vera A. Rozhina , candidate of pedagogic sciences
Pedagogical Institute Vyatka State University , Кировская обл

«Патриотическое воспитание младших школьников посредством туристко-краеведческой деятельности»

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The article discusses the methods of organizing tours for the purpose of patriotic education of primary school stidents and the features of using such a non-traditional form of extracurricular activities as creating videos with children.