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Исторические науки

Publication date: 01.06.2016
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Anuprienko Maksim Alekseevich , студент
FSBEI of HE «Stavropol State Agrarian University» , Ставропольский край

«Вестминстерское Аббатство»

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The article gives a short review of the history of origin and development of the Westminster Abbey.

Publication date: 31.05.2017
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Bogdevich Daria Vladimirovna , учитель
MBOU "Vyezdnovskaia SSh" , Нижегородская обл

«К вопросу о происхождении Елены, матери императора Константина Великого»

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In this article the question of the origin and peculiarities of the personality of Elena, the mother of Emperor Constantine, is studied, the data of church historians and later medieval legends are compared.


Publication date: 14.02.2018
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Lunina Galina Vladimirovna , elementary school teacher of the highest category, winner of the Priority National Project Education
School №2103 in Moscow , Москва г

«Creative thinking as the key to the successful development of the personality of junior schoolchildren»

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This article discusses different points of view on the problem of creative thinking of the younger students. The result of the development of this kind of thinking is the ability of each student to discover their talents, realize their creative potential. The author shares her experience and writes about the techniques and methods of creative thinking development, talks about solutions to non-standard tasks using an original approach based on finding innovative solutions to difficult problems.

Publication date: 16.02.2017
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Maksimova Sevda Maksim kyzy , аспирант
FSBEI of HE "Moscow State University of Education" , Москва г

«The development of communication skills in preschoolers in the process of theatrical activities»

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In the article, the author discussed the development of communication skills in preschoolers in the process of theatrical activities in terms of preschool educational establishment. On the basis of theoretical analysis results, previously performed by several authors of research works, the author justifies the importance of this work to implement good practice in preschool educational establishment, aimed at the formation of important child’s communicative abilities in this age. Analysis of the current modern conditions of activity of the preschool educational establishment and the failure of elaboration of thistopic determined the purpose of this study, which is based on formation of communicative abilities in children of preschool age through theatrical activities. The need for decisions formulated by the author of the study, determined the course of the experimental part of the work aimed at the identification of pedagogical conditions and the development of methods of learning, including theatrical activities and promoting the effective development of communication skills. In this paper the technique is presented quite briefly, however, the author reveals the main stages of its implementation in the activities of the preschool educational establishment. The result of logical and scientific experimental part of the study, the author confirms the effectiveness of the developed methodology for lessons, aimed at formation of high-level communicative abilities in preschoolers.

Пищевая промышленность

Publication date: 14.04.2016
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Iusupov Galymzhan Aldabergenovich , master of technical sciences , ассистент
Kiiabaeva Asel Askarovna , ассистент
Sarshaeva Aliia Batyrbekovna , ассистент
Umirbekova Asel Sagyndykovna , преподаватель
Tarazskii gosudarstvennyi universitet im. M.Kh. Dulati , Kazakhstan

«Perspectives of the development of curd products of gero-dietic food»

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Eating is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. The quality food and the optimal balance of nutrition are the main index of rational eating. The necessity of the old people to maintain nutritious properties is defined by the age peculiarities of metabolism and lifestyle of this age period. To supply the body with a sufficient amount of replaceable and irreplaceable amino acids, the diet should have proteins of both animal and plant origins in the ratio 1:1. The priority and major task of the gerontology is to extend the period of an active longevity and improve the quality of life for elderly people.

Филология и лингвистика (русская литература, фольклористика, журналистика, языкознание, прикладная лингвистика и др)

Publication date: 02.12.2015
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Kobysheva Elena Ivanovna , candidate of jurisprudence sciences , доцент
Chernyshenko Alina Gennadevna , аспирант
FSBEI of HE "Pyatigorsk State University" , Ставропольский край

«К вопросу о происхождении юридических терминов, обслуживающих сферу медиации»

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Данная статья посвящена проблеме происхождения ряда юридических терминов. Материалы исследования будут востребованы среди специалистов в области лингвистики.