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General questions of public education and pedagogy

Publication date: 06.02.2018
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Ivleva Tatiana Vladimirovna , english teacher of the highest category
Senior secondary school № 8 , Липецкая обл

«Formation of foreign-language culture by means of study of local lore»

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The article is devoted to the formation of foreign-language culture by means of study of local lore. The author, understanding real processes of education and everyday life of the modern person, assumes one of the ways of studying of English stimulating personal formation of the senior.

Парадигмы современной науки (различные направления)

Publication date: 29.09.2017
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Prisyazhnaya Irina Mihaylovna , candidate of technical sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Amur State University" , Амурская обл

«Изучение элементов традиционной китайской одежды Средневековья в свадебном и праздничном костюме народов Приамурья и Приморья»

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According to the author, studying the evolution of the elements and features development of interference of the Chinese clothes in the Middle Ages in North-East China, forming part of the wedding and holiday costumes of the peoples of Priamurye and Primorye, will allow to analyze and study in detail the culture of the tribes occupying the South of the Far East and Primorye, as well as their mutual influence on a modern ethnic costume as an element of material culture and design.

Парадигмы современного образования (различные направления)

Publication date: 22.06.2016
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Balashova Tatyana Alexandrovna , candidate of technical sciences , доцент
Kim Tatyana Leonidovna , candidate of technical sciences , заведующая кафедрой
Lavryashina Taisia Vasilyevna , candidate of physical and mathematical sciences , доцент
Okushko Natalia Borisovna , candidate of physical and mathematical sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HPE "T. F. Gorbachev Kuzbass state technical university" , Кемеровская обл

«Motivation aspects of education and their implementation in a technical high school»

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The paper discusses the motivation of students of Kuzbass state technical university and its impact on the success of studying the physics course. A survey of students of first and second courses was conducted. The main purpose of it was to discover the links between motives for entering the university, educational activity in training for the unified state examination and studying at the university.

Педагогика профессиональной школы: среднего профессионального и высшего образования

Publication date: 04.07.2018
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Kostareva Elena Aleksandrovna , старший преподаватель
FSBEI of HPE "Perm State National Research University" , Пермский край

«Practical basis of modern psychological technologies application in teaching English to students of non-foreign language faculties»

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The given article deals with the problem of creating a kind of favorable environment in the academic process for raising the English language teaching standard and suggests the application of psychological technologies in the format of research projects and role plays as a means of improving students` motivation in the academic process.

История и политология (археология, этнография, этнология и антропология, историография и др.)

Publication date: 01.03.2017
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Danilchenko Sergey Leonidovich , doctor of historical sciences, professor , professor, academician of RANS, Russian Academy of Medical Technology, Russian Academy of Natural History, head of Research center of education development
Sevastopol Pedagogical College named after P.K. Menkov , Севастополь г

«Основные направления внутреннего развития советской исторической науки в послесталинский период (1955–1991)»

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The article considers the main directions of domestic development of the Soviet historical science, its role in the public life of the post-Stalin period inter - University exchanges, forums and symposiums to discuss the most important theoretical and concrete historical problems. Every five years, regularly gathered the world congresses of historical Sciences.


Publication date: 17.05.2019
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Voskresenskaia Tatiana Anatolievna , магистрант
Institute of Humanities of FSAEI HE "Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University" , Калининградская обл

«Methodical recommendations on the use of computer game sims for the development of foreign language lexical skills»

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This article deals with the problems of teaching modern English to younger schoolchildren, who are also called «digital natives». Children born with «gadgets in their hands» require the use of new means of teaching a foreign language. Using the video game SIMs as an example, the possibility of involving students in the school curriculum, which helps to increase motivation, interest, and increase the authority of a teacher during lessons, is shown. Of course, this requires specific equipment, and most importantly, the teacher's desire to be on the same wavelength with the students.


Publication date: 16.03.2016
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Grishina Galina Viktorovna , старший преподаватель
Aryamnova Marina Anatolyevna , старший преподаватель
Institute of philology and verbal communication of Siberian Federal University , Красноярский край

«The peculiarities of material choosing for the english language textbooks for the students of non-linguistic specialities»

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The article distinguishes the special teaching features, the difficulties which students are faced with, the importance degree of creating correct textbooks by means of underlining the keynotes which are necessary to use, basic text principles and the criterion of its choosing is considered.


Publication date: 26.09.2016
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Kolesnikov Anatoliy Viktorovich , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Plekhanov Russian university of economics" , Москва г

«Corporate culture in a management system»

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In this article contains material illustrating results of influence of a corporate culture on the process of management decisions acceptance for routine operational daily work is provided to the companies, methods and methods of business development, on motivation of the main stekholder. An objective is decided through the analysis of management systems in logic of the Mckinsey 7S model. The author, on the basis of F. Harris and R. Moeran's approach considered features of impact of a corporate culture on a management system of the leading Russian companies.