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Всеобщая история

Publication date: 23.11.2017
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Kulikov Nikita Anatolievich , candidate of historical sciences , доцент
PEIOHE “Sochi Institute of Fashion Business and Law” , Краснодарский край

«Referendum in Scotland in 2014: history and implications»

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The article is devoted to the analysis of the referendum in Scotland in 2014 as a peaceful way of people's self-determination of this historical part of the United Kingdom. The author believes that the referendum is able to resolve the issue of sovereignty, and to prevent secession only if it is conducted legally and with the approval of the central authorities of states that are under the burden of separatism.

Филология и лингвистика

Publication date: 17.05.2018
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Romanova Tatiana Nikolaevna , candidate of philological sciences , доцент кафедры английского языка
FSBEI of HPE "Perm State Humanitarian Pedagogical University" , Пермский край

«Urbanisticheskii roman i tvorchestvo I. Renkina»

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В данной работе была предпринята попытка выявить особенности жанра шотландского урбанистического романа, а также рассмотреть книгу Иена Рэнкина «Крестики-нолики» на предмет наличия в ней черт этого жанра.