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Современные педагогические технологии

Publication date: 01.11.2017
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Starunskaya Anastasia Aleksandrovna , учитель истории и обществознания
Belgorod Engineering Youth Boarding School , Белгородская обл

«Игры на уроках истории и обществознания как один из способов повышения мотивации школьников к изучаемому предмету (из опыта работы)»

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As noted in the philosophical encyclopedia, the game is a kind of meaningful, unproductive activity, where the motive lies not in its result, but in the process itself. Also, the term "game" is used to refer to a set of items or programs intended for such activities. The essence of the game lies in the fact that it is not the result, but the process itself, the process of experiences associated with gaming actions that is important.

Педагогика общеобразовательной школы

Publication date: 24.08.2016
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Pigareva Elena Vladislavovna , учитель истории и обществознания
MBEI "Comprehensive school №172" , Амурская обл

«Critical thinking technology on social studies lessons in primary school»

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Modern students study the material formal - on the level of information received transmission, so they find it difficult to apply the knowledge, skills and abilities in non-standard formulation of the question or learning task. To solve this problem, the technique of critical thinking has been studied. We used the following methods to dtudy this question: the study and analysis of literature, observation and analysis of the results obtained during the verification of students' knowledge. After application of this technology, students show a better result on the subject, do not have any difficulties in understanding the material and in solution of educational problems.