Lyadsky Vladimir Georgievich

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Lomonosov Moscow State University

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Translation of novels by Georges Simenon as a form of dialogue between cultures



this article examines the literary translation as a normative value system of contacting cultures, reveals its intercultural and communicative functions. The role and place of literary translation as one of the most important tools for building relationships in the international community is defined. This problem is solved by the example of the translation of novels by the French writer J. Simenon in the Russian language. The author of the article analyzes the errors made in the translation and reveales their negative role in the dialogue of cultures.

From soldier to marshal: the origin of the ranks of the French army



this article discusses one of the fragments of the lexical system of the French language – the origin of terms denoting military ranks in the armed forces of France. The etymological analysis is carried out in close connection with the concrete historical situation which gave rise to the need of such language units. The author outlines the practical basis of the comparative study of the ways of lexical designation of ranks in the major European languages, including Russian.