Levina Elena Vladimirovna

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“Non-profit partnership of higher education “Institute of International Social Humanitarian Relations”
candidate of sociological sciences

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Staff turnover problem among young employees in retail chain stores



in this article the employment problem among youth is covered. This problem is important nowadays because of the situation of an economic crisis and the youth becomes one of the most unprotected group of the population. As young people have no practical experience and employers draw the close attention to this fact first of all, they are forced to work not in their specialty that is one of the reasons of turnover of staff. The reasons of turnover of staff among youth became an object of research. A research objective – identification and the analysis of the reasons of turnover of staff among y...

Features of application of test techniques in selection and certification of personnel



this article investigates the problem of use of test techniques in the course of selection and certification of personnel, and also for detection of features of formation of social and psychological climate in small groups and labor collectives. The group dynamics including individual preferences of players in the choice of strategy of behavior in a conflict situation in definition of the most acceptable social role, in identification of the most constructive and effective type of the administrative decision has the special importance. The author of the article offers a set of the test methods...