Yao Wei

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Taizhou University
candidate of pedagogical sciences

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«Divided audience» – a new education model as a reform of the education process in Chinese universities



the article is devoted to the idea of a «divided audience» which was proposed by a Chinese scientist, Professor Chang Xuexin. The author outlines that at the moment, it is used as a new educational model in Chinese universities and it is considered reform of the educational process. The author comes to the conclusion that this model has changed the traditional Chinese pedagogical thought – the role of students has become dominant in teaching. It is practically confirmed by improvements in the quality of education in Chinese universities and is acute topic of discussion among teachers and scien...

Ideological and Political Education in All Disciplines as a Pedagogical Problem in Higher Education in China



ideological and political studies in higher education in China are present in all disciplines, many universities have included relevant requirements in the curriculum. Universities in China have actively pursued research projects and pedagogical tests and gained significant experience. Despite the fact that this idea is already five years old, some factors that impede its effective practical application are still present. This article discusses these factors and analyzes their share in education.