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Социологические науки

Publication date: 08.02.2017
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Quach Ha Linh , Student
University of Public Health , Vietnam

«Third year Public Health Majors' time management at university of Public Health, Vietnam»

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Time management is the key to perfectly organizations, there for be the key to great success in life. Time is an abstract value that people can easily slip out the most precious moment in a blink of an eye. To manage such a complex object can be difficult task for youngster without experiment in real life, especially college students. This study gives a general look into third-year Public health majors’ time management and their corresponding to their time schedule. A monolingual questionnaire was designed to generally survey student’s time managing skills as well as some relevant factors that may link to their behaviors towards time management. It has been revealed that a number of students still haven’t in total control of managing time with the lack of essential methods. In addition, procrastination, interruption and disorganization seemed to be the main factors that influenced many students’ management of time. In the recommendation, techniques are suggested to help students organize work and schedule better, also methods to stop procrastinating and improve their time management.

Социология (гендерная социология, экосоциология и др.)

Publication date: 27.05.2018
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Do Hong thang , bachelor of economic sciences , Expert
Trade Union University Vietnam General Confederation of Labor , Vietnam

«Review of living condition on campus of college students in Vietnam»

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On-campus students’ life has always been a concerning issue for not only students but also many educators. The emerging consensus among researchers indicate that apart from many disadvantages students are likely to experience, there are potential benefits they can gain from living in a campus environment. A questionnaire-based survey was carried out on students from 8 university campuses in Hanoi. The research’s goal is to explore how Vietnamese students take advantage of universities campus in Hanoi in term of academics as well as interpersonal skill enhancement. Based on the findings, it has been revealed that most on-campus students can not make full use of this environment. Therefore, recommendations were given with the hope to help students better perceive all benefits from campus life, which enable them to prepare for later career and an independent life.

Социальная психология

Publication date: 13.01.2017
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Malinauskas Ramualdas Kazemirovich , doctor of pedagogical sciences , профессор
Schupokas Paulyus , магистрант
Lithuanian Sports University , Lithuania

«Leadership qualities of freshmen and juniors, studying at collages»

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The aim of the study was to examine the characteristics of leadership qualities in 1st year and 3rd year students enrolled in Lithuanian colleges. To achieve this goal 36-point Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire, developed by Bass and Avolio, was used. The results showed that 3rd year students have significantly higher levels of inspiration, compared with 1st year students.