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Publication date: 02.08.2016
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Ekaterina A. Melnychuk , преподаватель по классу гитары
School of music for children named after U. A. Shaporin FBEI of HE "Schnittke Moscow state music insitute" , Москва г

«Effect of music competitions on pieces of music interpretation by students»

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The article considers some aspects of piece of music interpretation associated with the mass distribution in contemporary performing and teaching practice of music competitions. It identifies a negative impact of these events on the interpretations created by trainees and suggests the ways to overcome this effect in the course of musical training and education.

Компетентностный подход в образовании всех уровней

Publication date: 04.08.2016
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Liudmila F. Ivonina , доцент, Заслуженная артистка России
FSFEI og HE "Perm State University of Culture" , Пермский край

«Проблемы перехода высшей музыкальной школы на компетентностную модель образовательного процесса»

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The author investigates the problems that higher musical education has to face while it is adapting to the reforms introduced by the Bologna process. It is analysed how the peculiar content of musical education can comply with general requirements of competence-oriented education. The author comes to the conclusion that it is necessary to create an alternative reform plan that would establish rules for creating a unified educational environment in institutions of higher musical education.

Общая педагогика

Publication date: 06.08.2015
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Tatyana I. Baklanova , doctor of pedagogical sciences , professor
Culture and Arts Institute of SAEI of HE "Moscow City University" , Москва г

«Образовательная система «Музыкальный мир» для дошкольного и начального общего образования»

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The article reveals the history of creation, structure and basic content of successive two-level educational system "Music world", which includes a training set T. I. Baklanova, and G. P. Novikova "Music world" for children 3-7 years (a series of "Paths") and a training set T. I. Baklanova "Music" for grades 1-4 ("planet of knowledge"). They share a common conceptual framework, continuity of goals, objectives, themes, contents and expected results musical and educational activities. The basis of

Общее направление

Publication date: 13.01.2017
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Olesia A. Zarubina , преподаватель теории и методики музыкального образования
Sergei A. Mikhailov , преподаватель баяна, аккордеона
GBPOU IO "Irkutskii regional'nyi kolledzh pedagogicheskogo obrazovaniia" , Иркутская обл

«Regional'nyi komponent v muzykal'nom obrazovanii shkol'nikov»

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The inclusion of a regional component in the education system allows pupils to introduce the younger generation to the roots of their homeland, discover her story, to establish a connection with modernity. The article reveals the necessity of studying the lessons of music in school the musical heritage of his native land, which affects the attitude of the student to his school, to his family, to its unique culture and is an indispensable condition of Patriotic education.