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Культурология и искусствоведение

Publication date: 26.07.2018
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Wu Jin , postgraduate student
Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia , Санкт-Петербург г

«Chinese traditional national opera»

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This article is devoted to the history of the development and peculiarities of the Chinese traditional national Opera from its inception to the XVII century, which formed the basis for the formation of the modern Chinese Opera. The author notes that the skills and experience of the Chinese tradition of opera, as a rule, is passed on from generation to generation, from experienced actors to their children or grandchildren. It is pointed out in the article that Chinese opera does not pursue permanent changes, every change must go through a long trial to demonstrate its own rationality and purposefulness.

Дополнительное (внешкольное) образование детей

Publication date: 28.01.2019
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Moiseeva Victoria Victorovna , преподаватель, руководитель вокальных ансамблей, концертмейстер
MBEI PCE "Oktyabrsk CMS" of Krasnogvardeysk region of the Crimea Republic , Крым Респ

«Lesson concert "Yakov Dubravin to children: "Good afternoon!»

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Methodical development of an action was created in connection with small amount of information in social nets about works of the composer Ya.I. Dubravin - the honored worker of arts of Russia, professor of St. Petersburg State University of culture and arts. Its primary activity is works for chorus. In this lesson concert of a song are presented by soloists-vocalists-children under convenient piano accompaniment, and under soundtracks. Song material is various: from the songs devoted to the Great Patriotic War to the works written in jazz style. It is a lot of game in which it is possible to work over acting skills of children. Everything speaks about complexity of the identity of Ya.I. Dubravin. All lesson concert is impregnated with feeling of friendship and a unification, love for the country and to life. Pupils of a class of solo singing act as leaders who narrate about the history of writing of songs, and illustrators of vocal material. In an action video selection from Archive of

Педагогические науки

Publication date: 23.05.2016
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Shipitsyna Elizaveta Nikolaevna , студентка
FSBEI of HE "Irkutsk State University" , Иркутская обл

«Использование песенного материала в обучении английскому языку как средство развития звуковой культуры речи детей старшего дошкольного возраста»

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The article deals with the problem of using of songs in the process of foreign language teaching as one of the methods of development of sound speech of pre-school children.


Publication date: 29.08.2016
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Shayahmetova Lilia Khabirovna , ассистент кафедры
Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication FSAEI of HE "Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University" , Татарстан Респ

«Application of English songs texts in formation of intercultural competence»

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The article is devoted to the problem of socio-cultural knowledge formation and understanding of linguistic world image among bearers of the language. The article demonstrates an educational model supposing a direct work on formation of area studies knoweldge including 3 stages of work with English songs.


Publication date: 02.08.2016
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Tsiganova Irina Victorovna , ученица 7 «Б» класса
MBEI "MES №26" , Забайкальский край
Chaika Luydmila Nikolaevna , degree-seeking student
FSBEI of HPE "Transbaikal State University" , Забайкальский край

«General informative and linguistic features analysis of russion songs poethic texts belonging to various historical periods»

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The authors chose actual theme firstly because they are interested in thematic and content peculiarities of modern youth songs which could, from the author's point of view, hardly be referred to poetic texts. The question of spiritual and historic connections importance for author, russian poetry traditions observance and cultural continuity in texts of russian songs of different periods is raised by authors.