Ponomarev Vladimir Gennadievich

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FSBEI of HE "Razumovskiy Moscow State University of Technology and Management"
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Creation of new electronic services of Moscow government, interested for students, and their impact on the economy of the region (on the example of the real estate services)



options for implementation in the framework of the Internet portal of the Government of Moscow of new electronic services associated primarily with the effective visualization and informing of new real estate in the city of Moscow, as well as the ability to influence the proposed services on the development of the regional economy are considered in the article. Offers of the author based on the results of research carried out in the course of the joint work of the Department of territorial bodies of the executive power of the city of Moscow and the Moscow State University of Technology and Man...

Historical and patriotic education of school students through the creation of virtual museum exhibitions



the creation of virtual school museum exhibitions of the Great Patriotic War, as means of the organization of students’ patriotic education, is considered in the article. The experience of the Virtual Museum of Memory “Soldiers of Victory”, created in collaboration with Moscow Department of Education and the K.G. Razumovsky Moscow State University of Technology and Management is described.

The study of perception of interface and visual design of e-government services by Moscow student youth



the results of studies related to how Moscow students perceive the interface and visual design portals «Active Citizen», «Our Moscow City », «Portal of Moscow urban services», «Medical portal EMIAS.INFO», «The official internet-portal of public services» and «Federal Bailiffs Service – Moscow» are considered in the article. These results are obtained in the course of joint research work of the Moscow Department of territorial bodies of the executive power and the K.G. Razumovsky. Moscow State University of Technologies and Management.

The main problems in the process of identifying individual educational trajectories of student and their decision by means of electronic services and the «Digital profile» model



the authors describe the specifics of the transition to student-centered learning standards, the main issues arising in the framework of the process of identifying an individual trajectory of student learning and methods of their solutions through the use of the «digital profile» model. The researchers present the organization scheme of school education in the framework of construction of individual educational trajectory of a student, describe the main barriers to the implementation of the scheme. Prospects of application of the «big data» technology in the construction of individual educatio...