Zaitseva Olga Petrovna

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PEI of HPE of Russian Central Union "Siberian University of Consumer Cooperation"
doctor of economic sciences

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Ключевые тренды развития регионального высшего образования



the relevance of a question is caused by insufficient level of modernization processes regulation and formation of educational systems in regions. The higher education markets and labor markets are insufficiently interconnected in regions. The main tendencies of higher education development by the example of Siberian regions and the Far East are presented in the monograph. Mainly, they are ambiguous or adverse by character. The prolongation of it can lead to decrease in long-term competitiveness of regional education systems and to strengthening of the capital education systems monopoly positi...

Obosnovanie metodicheskogo podkhoda k otsenke konkurentosposobnosti kompanii



the monograph is devoted to the problem of objective assessment of the company competitiveness for strategic decisions choice. Various approaches to its measurement, not always expedient in concrete business conditions, are offered in theory and practice. Key features of the telecommunication companies’ activity, influencing its competitiveness, are systematized in the research. Analytical tools of its assessment, including the matrix analysis and method of the analysis of hierarchies, are proved, adapted and applied. The existing and potential competitive positions of PJSC MegaFon are specifi...

The analysis and regulation of the organization financial status in the system of crisis management



the monograph is devoted to the revision need of operating financial analysis tools for increase in effectiveness of crisis management. The main trends and primary factors of an unstable financial status of market subjects are discovered. The decrease in practical value of models of the bankruptcy forecasting is proved and need for a process approach in managing their financial status. Crisis management analysis should be supplemented with the profound characteristic of the organization assets, estimates of resources use efficiency, which are available for it. The results of a research promote...