Haydarov Gennadiy Gasimovich

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St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technological University)
associate professor
candidate of technical sciences

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Практика применения дистанционных образовательных технологий для обучения студентов по бизнес-информатике и по инжнерной и компьютерной графике



статья посвящена проблеме применения дистанционных образовательных технологий. Для улучшения качества обучения студентов применены интернет-формы обучения. Рассмотрены конкретные примеры преподавания студентам компьютерных технологий, проведен обзор результатов.

Interconnection between melting, boiling and critical points



we received theoretical formulas of the interconnection between melting, boiling and critical temperatures. Uniform physical representation of melting, boiling and evaporation processes was the basis for deriving the formula of interconnection between them. We use the concept of the material substance internal energy in terms of the molecules “unpacking” idea. The reference manual data on 85 substances from 13 to 855 degrees Kelvin confirms the theoretically derived formulas. We carried out the comparison of theoretical formulas and experimental data by their mean values. A simple ideal substa...

Correlation of temperatures of melting and boiling of substances from the hypotheses of unpacking the substance



according to the properties of melting points and boiling points of the elements of the periodic table of D.I. Mendeleyev the application of the unpacking hypothesis of the substance was verified. The article contains the results of the verification. In general, according to the data for 98 substances taken from the information in Internet, convergence of results with an error of up to 40% for 73 substances was obtained. The effect of periodicity on the result is found. An exception to the calculated dependences was obtained for ten substances: noble gas and most halogens. A large discrepancy...

Representation of capillary phenomena from the physical model of unpacking a liquid



based on the physical model of «unpacking» a fluid, published in 1983 to explain the physical nature of surface tension, an explanation of capillary phenomena was proposed. The unified physical nature of the condensation process and the processes in the capillaries expressed in terms of the surface tension of the liquid is proved. To prove the applicability of the «unpacking» model for capillary phenomena, an empirical Borelli-Jurin formula for determining the height of fluid lifting in capillaries was theoretically derived depending on the magnitude of the surface tension. The assumptions und...

Molecular Energy Concept of Substances Unpacking



this article brings together previously published evidence of the unified nature of physical processes and phenomena in terms of changes in the energy of a substance molecule. The unified physical nature of all these physical phenomena has been proven, as a single multistage process of energetic unpacking of molecules of a substance, which is logical to call the molecular-energy concept of unpacking a substance. The considered processes include the following processes. Surface rupture, characterized by the surface tension coefficient. The melting process of a substance characterized by its mel...