Koshienko Irina Vasylievna

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ANO of HE "Moscow University for the Humanities"
candidate of pedagogic sciences

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Организация управления в системе дошкольного образования на основе педагогического партнерства



статья посвящена анализу понятия «управление» и современной организации управления дошкольной образовательной организации. Автор сообщает, что для эффективного и рационального руководства современной дошкольной образовательной организацией руководитель должен овладеть основами управления, современными эффективными стратегиями партнерства, технологиями работы с коллективом, основанных на позитивном конструктивном подходе и лидерских функциях руководителя.

Management of pre-school educational institution on the basis of its development strategy



qualitative upgrade of Russian society and the changes in the world educational space defined an objective need for harmonization of the national education system. The ongoing processes equally apply to all levels of education – from preschool to higher education. Unification of the preschool educational organizations habitual until recently was replaced by their variety, variability of educational programs, introduction of new technologies. The concept «educational institution» is changed to the new concept «educational organization». The approaches considered in article open the separate sid...

The implementation of the content of labor education in the practice of modern pre-school educational institutions



the article is devoted to the revival of labor education in the modern preschool educational institutions. Based on the researches of leading educators, psychologists, practitioners and on the basis of a brief analysis of the content of labor education in preschool educational institutions in previous years the author suggests to revive many popular forms of work on labor education of preschool children using modern pedagogical technologies.