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учитель начальных классов

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Проектирование педагогического процесса в начальной школе в рамках новых ФГОС



At present, the question of designing the pedagogical process is topical. The priority direction of the activity of the Secondary School No. 2 in Builder, Belgorod Region is the preparation of the student for creative activity in the system of his further education and professional activity. Practical exercises are presented in the article, as well as examples of work on designing the initial classes in the teaching process in the teacher.

Повышение качества урока через использование здоровьесберегающих технологий в процессе обучения



In accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation "On Education" the health of schoolchildren is one of the priority areas of state policy in the field of education. In modern conditions, the school is called upon to fulfill not only the educational function, but also to take care of preserving and strengthening the health of children, as everyone goes through the school and the problem of preserving and strengthening health needs to be solved here.