Tatarchukova Natal'ia Vladimirovna

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MBGEI "Kobyakov School"

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Interaction games and learning activities grade 3 students in the implementation of the GEF IEO. "The game is a spark that ignites the light of inquisitiveness and curiosity... in the game, the creative abilities of the individual are revealed to children. Without play, there can be a full-fledged mental development» V. A. Sukhomlinsky With the introduction of the education system education standards the Russian school is undergoing a global transformation whose main aim was the formation and development of abilities of the student to independently set learning problem, control the process and to estimate the result, to formulate an algorithm for the solution of educational problems - i.e., learn to learn. Russian education focuses on the development of universal educational activities. The ability of students to independently search for information using different technologies. Much attention is paid to extracurricular and project activities. It is assumed that students of Federal st



As you know, the most powerful motivating factor in the organization of the educational process are teaching methods that meet the need of students in the novelty of the material studied and the variety of exercises performed. The use of a variety of teaching techniques contributes to the consolidation of linguistic phenomena in memory, the creation of more persistent visual and auditory images, maintaining the interest and activity of students. Extensive opportunities to enhance the educational process gives the use of games. Lessons using games or game situations are an effective means of l...