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[07.00.00] Исторические науки и археология

Publication date: 23.03.2017
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Panov Vladimir Nikolaevich , candidate of historical sciences, docent , профессор
FSHEI "Russian Foreign Trade Academy of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation" , Москва г

«Constituent Assembly or Soviet power: the problem of choosing the path of political development of Russia in 1917»

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The article examines the period of political struggle in Russia from February 1917 to January 1918, when it was a question of the political future of Russia. The article discusses the relations between the Provisional government and the Soviet of workers “and soldiers” deputies. Special attention is paid to the activities of the Interim government on the preparation of the Constituent Assembly and the drafting of the future Constitution of Russia. The author of the article analyzes the reasons, not allowed to implement democratic liberal-bourgeois way of development of Russia, and the victory of the Soviet model of political development.

Система образования

Publication date: 20.02.2016
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Ozhgibesov Vladimir Petrovich , candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences, docent , профессор
Kolchanova Natalia Georgievna , доцент
FSBEI of HPE "Perm State National Research University" , Пермский край

«Опыт проведения секции «Геология на английском» на студенческой научной конференции геологического факультета Пермского университета»

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At the Geological Faculty of the Perm State National Research University reports on several geological sections annually are heard. The traditional section "Geology in English" works. Participation in conference in English helps students and graduate students to gain experience for the subsequent performances at scientific conferences abroad and in Russia.

Наука и инновации в современном мире и изменения социальных ценностей

Publication date: 10.11.2015
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Skoblikova Tatiana Vladimirovna , doctor of pedagogical sciences , профессор, заведующая кафедрой
Skripleva Elena Viktorovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент, и.о. заведующего кафедрой
Southwest State University , Курская обл

«Научно-методическая деятельность Курского областного совета СДСО «Буревестник»»

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The monograph is devoted to the history of DSO «Petrel» Kursk region. It pre-sents historical and journalistic overview of the traditional Interuniversity scientific and methodical conferences on physical education and sport; their contribution to the development of sport in the region, the country, the world.


Publication date: 09.04.2018
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Nazaryan Gevork Pargev , graduate student
Erevan State University , Armenia

«The San Remo conference and the Armenian question (April of 1920)»

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Present article presents the Armenian Question during the Conference of San Remo (April of 1920). The Allied Supreme Council discussed the question of a mandate for Armenia and the delimitation of its boundary. The Supreme Council pledged to support Armenia politically, military and financially. The Allied leaders agreed that the Armenian provinces of Erzerum, Van, Bitlis, as well as Trebizond (which would ensure access to the Black Sea) were integral parts of Armenia. The Supreme Council requested, after the consent of Armenian and Turkish sides, U.S. President Woodrow Wilson, as a neutral party, to delimit the boundary between Armenia and Turkey. President Wilson agreed and in accordance with international law made the Arbitrary Award (November 22, 1920), which established the legal state boundary between Armenia and Turkey.

Исторические науки

Publication date: 27.06.2017
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Beliaeva Katerina Viacheslavovna , студентка
Buranok Sergei Olegovich , doctor of historical sciences , профессор
FSBEI of HE "Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education" , Самарская обл

«Роль Японии в будущей Парижской мирной конференции в «New York Times» 1918 года»

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This article tells us about The New York Times' point of view during 1918 on Japanese Empire's part in Paris Peace Conference. It also shows that the contribution of the new superpower both as one of the allies and a member of the future peace conference was underestimated by the US media on purpose. The primary focus of the press was to create a new American enemy out of Japan.


Publication date: 16.03.2016
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Pastyuk Olga Vladimirovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент, заместитель декана педагогического факультета
FSBEI of HE "North-Eastern Federal University", Magadan , Магаданская обл


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The article considers the modern approaches to the problem of interaction of the educational organization with the public of the locality where it is located. Analyzed the history of public relations, defines the basic forms and methods of organization of this work in educational settings.