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Коррекционно-воспитательная работа

Publication date: 30.08.2016
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Burachevskaya Olga Vladimirovna , заведующая отделением коррекционной педагогики и специальной психологии
Multi-field Humanitarian Institution "Center of Innovative Education and Development "LOGOS" , Belarus

«Brainteasers as means of development of spatial functions among preschool and early school age children»

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The article presents an overview of correction and developing work methods for the cultivation of spatial functions at preschool and early school age children. Basic types of geometric puzzles are investigated. The paper also describes the options for their use in the work on the formation and development of spatial functions.


Publication date: 17.12.2015
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In Vendun , магистрант
FSAEI of HE "Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia" , Москва г

«Sovremennye kontseptsii menedzhmenta znanii»

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В данной статье автором рассматривается вопрос менеджмента знаний. Исследователь отмечает, что главная цель управления знаниями – создание системы управления знаниями и ее использования на уровне правительственных учреждений.

История и политология

Publication date: 20.09.2016
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Danilchenko Sergey Leonidovich , doctor of historical sciences, professor , professor, academician of RANS, Russian Academy of Medical Technology, Russian Academy of Natural History, head of Research center of education development
Sevastopol Pedagogical College named after P.K. Menkov , Севастополь г

«Изучение истории: проблемы соотношения фундаментальной науки, политических идеологем и образовательной практики»

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The problem of studying history is one of the most controversial in the process of modernization of Russian education. In the study of history since 1991 has been dramatic substantive changes compared to other academic subjects, but the historical knowledge is still in the paradigm of the problem of correlation of fundamental science, political ideologies and educational practices.


Publication date: 29.08.2018
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Maleeva Elena Valentinovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , associate professor
Nizhny Tagil State Institute of Sociology and Pedagogical Studies (branch) of FSAEI of HPE "Russian State Pedagogical University" , Свердловская обл

«Methods of physical concepts formation at students»

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The article considers errors in the students' mastering of physical concepts, reveals the reasons for the occurrence of these errors. One of the ways of solving the problem under consideration is a set of exercises aimed at identifying significant features of concepts, establishing genus-species relations and analyzing definitions of concepts.

Publication date: 28.02.2019
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Krishtopa Andrej Nikolaevich , aspirant , deputy director
FSMEE «Krasnodar Presidential Cadet School» of the RF Defence Ministry , Краснодарский край

«The model of the course «The conception of modern natural science»»

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There is discussion of preconditions for updating of course «Concept of modern natural science» for humanitarian specialties in higher education in the article. It is proposed model of course, which includes names of structural elements of the program of the course. The article describes the course, which allows to provide description of natural science picture of the world that will allow to form a general cultural competence in humanitarian specialties students.

Дошкольная педагогика

Publication date: 29.02.2016
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Frolova Tatiana Borisovna , воспитатель
МАДОУ «Д/С КВ «Радуга» , Ханты-Мансийский Автономный округ - Югра АО

«Конспект итоговой непосредственной образовательной деятельности по формированию элементарных математических представлений в старшей группе на тему «Игра-путешествие в страну Математики»»

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This summary is designed for children of preschool age is devoted the consolidation of the knowledge of numerical series, subsequent numbers and previous knowledge of geometric shapes, the ability to focus on the plane of the sheet.

Технические науки

Publication date: 26.07.2016
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Pavlova Larisa Nikolaevna , главный специалист
Ministry of transportation and road network of Samara region , Самарская обл

«Development of urban transport system of U.D. Samara»

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In the article some problems related to development processes of urban transport system in general and in U.D. Samara are discussed. Problems arising during development process of urban transport system are presented. Main principles of development of Samara urban transport system are expounded. Development concepts of the road network of the urban district Samara are formulated.


Publication date: 30.08.2017
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Solovyov Sergey Serafimovich , candidate of pedagogical sciences , associate professor, professor, full member (academician) and Vice-President of the International Public Academy of Environmental Security and Management
FSBEI of HE "Russian State Agrarian University – Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy" , Москва г

«Problems of optimization and rationalization of time for modern university students and ways to solve them (on the basis of sociological research)»

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In article results of sociological research (ascertaining and reformative experiments), and also ways of optimisation and rationalisation of time at modern students of high schools are considered.


Publication date: 26.04.2017
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Wang Yue , аспирант
Institute of Foreign Languages and Literature, Beijing Normal University , Chinese People's Republic

«Application of the theory of lacunae in intercultural communication»

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This article details with the historical, daily, numerological, religious and geographical aspects of lacunae formation. With the help of diachronic analysis, the characteristics of Russia and China’s national consciousness have been revealed. It is established that national traditions and mentality are best traced in literature works and oral folklore. Classical mythological characters, which are recognized by different peoples, also serve as one of the leading roles in the formation of reader’s consciousness. Therefore, these mythological characters can be used as a connecting means of interlingual communication.


Publication date: 01.09.2016
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Skosyreva Nina Daniilovna , candidate of philosophical sciences , доцент, заведующая кафедрой
FSBEI of HE "Omsk State Agrar University named after P.A. Stolypin" , Омская обл

«The problem of professional responsibility in ethics concepts»

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In the present article the researcher analyzes the problem of professional liability in the context of ethical concepts. The author notes that analysis of the problem of professional responsibility and ethics has led to the conclusion about necessity of professional codes of ethics for professionals in different fields.