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Общая педагогика, история педагогики и образования

Publication date: 10.10.2017
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Valova Evgeniia Petrovna , педагог-психолог
MBOU Gimnaziia 2 g.o. Krasnoznamensk Moskovskoi oblasti , Московская обл

«Влияние образовательных проектов Дж. Дьюи и С.Т. Шацкого на современную теорию и практику образования»

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The article analyzes the influence of the educational projects of the outstanding teachers of the past J. Dewey and S.T. Shatsky on the modern theory and practice of education, on the development of technology for modern project training, in particular, on the formation of key cognitive and communicative competencies of students of 8-9 grades in the process of implementing the federal state educational standard of basic general education. The author considers the aspect of the formation of these

Психолого-педагогические аспекты образования

Publication date: 08.10.2015
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Mikhailova Anna Viktorovna , candidate of economic sciences , доцент, заведующая кафедрой
Financial and Economic Institute of FSAEI of HPE "M.K. Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University" , Саха /Якутия/ Респ

«О роли профессиональных компетенций муниципальных служащих в профессиональной деятельности»

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Article is devoted to the analysis of professional competences of municipal employees in the conditions of reforming of municipal service and presentation of new requirements to employees of municipalities. The question in the majority of regions of the Russian Federation in providing with the qualified personnel structure is particularly acute. As one of professional competences social competence and an assessment of a social maturity has to act. Strategy of the educational environment has to b


Publication date: 16.02.2017
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Khalikova Kamila Kasimovna , аспирант
SAEI of HE "Moscow City Teacher Training University" , Москва г

«Lesson in the museum as a mean of universal cognitive competence development of elder preschoolers»

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This article deals with the implementation of educational technologies such as an activity in the museum for the purpose of forming cognitive competence of elder preschoolers. The projection of school educational technologies on pre-school children is also a mean of creating a succession of stages of education and school readiness, as well as the adaptation of future primary school children.

Publication date: 18.07.2017
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Sokolova Larisa Vladimirovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент
SEI of HE "Moscow Region State University" , Московская обл
Argentova Natalia Georgievna , специалист научно-методического отдела взаимодействия с территориями
SBEI of HE "Academy of Public Administration" , Москва г

«Teacher’s professional competences in the sphere of interaction with the student’s family»

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The article deals with the professional competence of the teacher in the sphere of interaction with the student's family. Scientists’ points of view have been studied. The authors have also analyzed the teacher's professional competence in the field of pedagogical interaction with the family.

Publication date: 16.03.2016
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Beleckiy Sergey Valentinovich , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Moscow State Linguistic University" , Москва г
Antonova Irina Nikolaevna , старший преподаватель
Kondratyev Pavel Aleksandrovich , старший преподаватель
Plekhanov Russian university of economics , Москва г

«Educational software in teaching physical culture of the modern university»

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The article considers modern trends in resolution the problem of low knowledge in terms of physical culture. The authors claim there is a crucial need for active courseware incorporation providing students with educational materials of a new type. They establish the point in formation of the knowledge monitoring system by means of digital textbooks and the importance of improving existing assessment tools.

Коррекционная педагогика, дефектология

Publication date: 25.07.2017
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Barkhatova Marina Aleksandrovna , учитель-логопед
School №4 , Хабаровский край
Kalugina Natalia Andreevna , doctor of pedagogical sciences , профессор, доцент ВАК
FSEI of HE “Pacific State University” , Хабаровский край

«The questions of enhancing communicative skills of elementary school children with mental retardation»

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Communicative skill is the key life competence that manifests itself in a person's ability to communicate in a voice, during which the perception, evaluation and understanding of another person and the key to the successful activity and well-being of the child's future life occur. The development of life skills in junior schoolchildren with a delay in mental development is the key to their successful mastering of the basic general education program.


Publication date: 16.08.2016
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Lysenko Nadejda Borisovna , Honorary worker of General education of Russia , учитель географии
MBEI gymnasium №23 , Краснодарский край

«Formation of key competences through project activity of students and divergent tasks solution. Examples of geography»

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The article deals with modern education specifics and the use of possibilities of project activity for developing creative abilities among pupils. The peculiarity of this work is in submission of several concrete geography tasks of divergent, convergent and mixed types.

Publication date: 14.10.2015
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Sushech Liubov Grigorevna , учитель русского языка и литературы
МБОУ СОШ №10 , Краснодарский край

«Формирование ключевых компетенций на уроках русского языка»

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This article discusses methods of formation of key competencies at Russian lessons . The basis of this formation is the use of modern educational technologies .

Publication date: 23.03.2016
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Malashenko Elena Sergeevna , оператор
ГБУ СО «Славянский комплексный центр социального обслуживания населения» , Краснодарский край

«Коммуникативная толерантность как один из аспектов формирования социальных компетенций»

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Empirical research of level of formation of communicative tolerance, as one of aspects of social competence of future teachers.

Publication date: 10.10.2016
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Dupina Lyudmila Fedorovna , доцент, директор
Mazur Natalia Alexandrovna , заместитель директора
Jivaikin Sergei Nikolaevich , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
Branch of ANI of HE "Institute of economy and crisis management" in Volsk , Саратовская обл

«The use of interactive methods in teaching humanities»

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The article summarizes the experience of using interactive forms of instruction in teaching the humanities to students and offers an interactive method that promotes the development of the students' life skills and creativity while learning.

Технические науки (электромеханика, приборостроение, машиностроение, металлургия и др.)

Publication date: 19.04.2017
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Kniazeva Iaroslava Nikolaevna , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
Galitskaia Liubov Vladimirovna , candidate of technical sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management" , Новосибирская обл

«Влияние изменения профессиональных компетенций на подбор показателей оценки качества образования ИТ-специалистов»

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В статье описана проблема оценки качества образовательного процесса в сфере ИКТ и способы ее решения. Авторами предложен набор показателей для оценки качества высшего профессионального образования.