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Общее направление

Publication date: 08.12.2015
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Safonov Vladimir Ivanovich , candidate of physical and mathematical sciences , доцент
FSBEI of HE "M.E. Evsevev Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute" , Мордовия Респ

«Realizatsiia didakticheskikh vozmozhnostei IKT pri obuchenii shkol'nomu kursu matematiki»

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The maintenance of a school course of mathematics is presented in article and shown how didactic opportunities of ICT at its studying can be realized

Педагогика профессиональной школы: среднего профессионального и высшего образования

Publication date: 05.07.2018
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Voronov Nikolay Andreevich , candidate of biological sciences , senior lecturer
Yaroslavl Higher Military School of Air Defense of the Ministry of Defence of the Russain Federation , Ярославская обл

«Priority orientations of the activity on adaptive physical culture development»

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Adaptive «Physical culture» is intended for disabled people training and persons with limited opportunities of health taking into account features of their psychophysical development, individual opportunities and the state of health, and if necessary providing correction of development disorder and social adaptation of specified persons. One of ways to involve into active social life and professional activity disabled people with certain deviations on health, to create favorable conditions for their physical, psychological and social rehabilitation is health and fitness and sports activity.

Экономические науки

Publication date: 19.01.2016
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Stoliarova Natalia Vladimirovna , магистрант
Sheptukhin Mikhail Valerevich , студент
FSBEI of HE "Orenburg State University" , Оренбургская обл

«Анализ маркетинговой деятельности при использовании имиджа в сфере туризма»

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The system of marketing information provides systematization, an assessment and use of the data characterizing a condition of the external and internal environment of the tourist entity. Without objective, actual, rather complete marketing information adoption of operational and strategic decisions is impossible.

Коррекционная педагогика, дефектология

Publication date: 05.07.2018
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Shapovalova Svetlana Viktorovna , преподаватель
Alekseeva Nadezhda Vladimirovna , преподаватель
Iakimchik Iana Viktorovna , преподаватель
МБОУ ДОД «Сафоновская детская художественая школа им. В.М. Кириллова» , Смоленская обл

«Social project " Give light and joy to children!»»

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He article deals with the issues of creative development and social adaptation of children with disabilities, children with disabilities. The experience of the school staff with "special" children through practical participation (workshops, personal exhibitions, events, etc.) is presented.)


Publication date: 04.07.2018
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Saveleva Elena Viktorovna , teacher-logopedist
SEE "Center for Inclusive Education "Yuzhnyi" , Москва г

«Features of tutorship of children with HIA in an inclusive school»

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This article points out the important role of the tutor in the implementation of inclusive education in our country, the goals and tasks implemented by the tutor during the educational process. The author also presents the history of the formation of the phenomenon of tutoring.

Publication date: 16.05.2018
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Luniova Elena Igorevna , старший преподаватель
ChOU VO "Moskovskii universitet im. S.Iu. Vitte" , Москва г
Nikitova Svetlana Gennadevna , candidate of philosophical sciences , доцент
FSOMEI of HE "Military University" of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation , Москва г

«Opportunities of higher education development in a crisis situation»

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The authors consider the issue of the possibility of developing higher education in a crisis situation. Researchers came to the conclusion that in the current situation of world development, specific features of our country, it is difficult to single out the humanistic paradigm of education in a "pure" form, since the positions of traditional teaching are still very strong. Therefore, the prospect is seen in the preservation of values and orientations of traditional training in combination with the new ones, there is an exchange of traditions and innovations.

Технические науки

Publication date: 28.08.2018
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Kunitsyna Aleksandra Mikhailovna , head of standardization, certification and quality department
PAO «Dolgoprudnensk research and production unitary enterprise» , Московская обл

«Risk-oriented approach in implementation of ISO/TS 22163»

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The article examines the procedure of risks management and opportunities in the implementation of the requirements of ISO/TS 22163.

Экономические науки

Publication date: 07.10.2016
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Kuznetsova Kseniya Olegovna , студентка
FSBEI of HE "Volga Region State University of Technology" , Марий Эл Респ

«The impact on the macro environment on the stability of brewing industry enterprise»

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The external environment is the source, the supply organization with the resources necessary to maintain its internal capacity on proper level. The organization is in constant exchange with the environment, thereby ensuring yourself a chance of survival. Therefore, there is always the possibility that an organization will not be able to obtain the necessary resources from the environment. This could weaken its potential and lead to many negative consequences for the organization. strategic manag