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Человек труда в истории

Publication date: 11.03.2016
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Anuchin Aleksandr Sergeevich , аспирант
FSBEI of HE "Petrozavodsk State University" , Карелия Респ

«Профессия – лесной инженер (к юбилею Владимира Ивановича Скрыпника)»

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Some results of the engineering and research activities leading engineer Vladimir Ivanovich Skrypnyk. It is shown that the classical forestry education and the focus on the formation and implementation of new ideas contributed to the effecti

Общая педагогика

Publication date: 27.07.2017
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Prispeshkin Oleg Valeryevich , учитель ОБЖ, директор
MAEI of Khabarovsk "Secondary School №66" , Хабаровский край

«We keep up with the times»

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The development of military education in Russia is an integral part of the prosperous and peaceful future for our country. After Cadet classes are necessary not only to prepare for military service, but above all for the purpose of patriotic education of the younger generation, education disciplined, successful, responsible for their actions, with active life position of citizens of their country.

[13.00.00] Педагогические науки

Publication date: 10.07.2017
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Noskova Margarita Petrovna , candidate of medical sciences , доцент
Vaschenko Tatiana Aleksandrovna , студентка
FSBEI of HE "Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky" , Ярославская обл

«The study of the level of 4th grade students’ adaptation to the school workload»

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The article discusses the results of the survey conducted in the 4th grade of the secondary school №11 in the city of Yaroslavl in order to identify the extent of students’ employment, their lifestyle, fatigue, certain sanitary-and-hygienic indicators of the educational process. The authors have studied the illuminance level of the classroom, analyzed the school timetable, provided some recommendations.

Экономическая теория

Publication date: 10.05.2016
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Starova Olga Valeryevna , candidate of economic sciences , доцент
Engineering and Building Institute of FSAEI of HE "Siberian Federal University" , Красноярский край
Alexeeva Tatyana Victorovna , студентка
Maximuk Dmitry Sergeevich , студент
FSAEI of HE "Siberian Federal University" , Красноярский край

«Unemployment theory and their evolution»

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The article investigates the theory of unemployment. It describes the actuality of problems investigation of unemployment theory in modern society. The authors define the creators and followers of the theory, reveal general thoughts and provisions of the theory and find out the main changes between unemployment theories.

Тема номера

Publication date: 09.08.2018
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Bitutskaya Anastasiya Mikhailovna , student
Lyakina Maria Anatolievna , candidate of economic sciences , associate professor
Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University , Санкт-Петербург г

«Analysis of the reaction of American freight railways in conditions of compression of the commodity market in 2016–2017 years»

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A comprehensive financial and economic analysis of the activities of the two largest fright railways of the first class of the United States was carried out in the article. This analysis has made it possible to identify a number of tools and methods that ensure the achievement of a level of financial efficiency and a previous level of profitability, while reducing the volume of cargo transportation.

Общая педагогика

Publication date: 05.05.2016
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Shvydko Anastasiia Sergeevna , студентка
Diachenko Svetlana Iosifovna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , доцент
Chekhov Taganrog Institute (Branch) of FSBEI of HE "Rostov State Economic University" , Ростовская обл

«Особенности содержания арифметического метода решения сюжетных задач как средства усиления его дидактических возможностей»

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This article describes the features of the content of the arithmetic method of solving story-tasks and identified its didactic potential

Теория и методика общего образования

Publication date: 14.01.2017
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Zhemchuzhnikov Dmitrii Grigorevich , candidate of pedagogical sciences , учитель информатики
ГБОУ «Многопрофильная школа №1220» , Москва г

«Реализация онлайн-конструктора дидактических игр»

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Results of implementation of educational project - open online constructor of educational games -provided.

[08.00.00] Экономические науки

Publication date: 24.05.2017
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Shilimov Mikhail Viktorovich , candidate of technical sciences , доцент
Ulyanina Lada Yuryevna , студентка
Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University , Москва г

«Container transport»

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The researchers of the article discuss basic information on the TRANS-Siberian railway, variety of containers and their main advantages and disadvantages.

Publication date: 22.11.2016
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Serbskaya Olga Valentinovna , candidate of historical sciences , доцент
Plekhanov Russian university of economics , Москва г

«Innovations in project activities»

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This article considers the ways of project management, models of project management: classical model and the model of flexible designing Agile, pays more attention to the process of project management using Agile model and to the problems of using the project management models in modern conditions.

Современные педагогические технологии

Publication date: 09.04.2016
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Lebedintsev Sergei Vladimirovich , старший преподаватель
Gustov Viacheslav Aleksandrovich , старший преподаватель
FSBEI of HPE "T. F. Gorbachev Kuzbass state technical university" , Кемеровская обл

«Разработка контрольно-тестовых заданий для работы над профессионально-ориентированным текстом в процессе контроля иноязычного чтения»

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This article is devoted to the development of forms of control and test items and their effective use in learning of non-linguistic higher school students to foreign reading. Also, the authors share their practical experience in creating a level form classification of control and test items and their application to work on the foreign professionally-oriented text in reading control.

Publication date: 03.12.2018
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Kadatskaia Irina Alekseevna , учитель начальных классов
GBOU SOSh s. Pestravka , Самарская обл

«Активизация познавательной деятельности учащихся посредством применения информационно-компьютерных технологий обучения»

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Информационные технологии, являясь универсальными средствами обучения, позволяют не только формировать у учащихся знания, умения и навыки, но и развивать личность ребёнка, удовлетворять его познавательные интересы. В психологических исследованиях отмечается, что ИКТ влияют на формирование теоретического, творческого и рефлексивного мышления обучающихся. По мнению автора статьи, образность отображения тех или иных явлений и процессов в памяти обучаемого обогащает восприятие учебного материала, способствует его научному пониманию.

География и геология

Publication date: 06.12.2016
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Kondratiev Aleksandr Nikolaevich , инженер
LLC “Ruslovye Processy” , Санкт-Петербург г

«Classification of engineering and hydrometeorological survey results regarding channel processes»

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According to the author the profile of maximum possible erosion is considered as the results of engineering and hydrometeorological surveys in part of channel processes in modern normative documents. The article presents the classification of results to sediment processes: selecting target set of profiles of maximum erosion, maximum erosion profile in a given target, part of the profile, erosion in the plan, the demonstration of safety of erosion or lack of erosion.

Publication date: 31.10.2018
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Burova Valentina Nikolaevna , candidate of geological and mineralogical sciences , ведущий научный сотрудник
FSBIS Sergeev Institute of Environmental Geoscience RAS , Москва г

«The patterns of development of hazardous natural processes in the context of climate change in Russia»

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This article discusses the current state of the climate and its possible impact on the manifestation of natural phenomena. A database on the consequences of dangerous natural processes on the territory of Russia is presented. The principles of its preparation and use for various purposes are substantiated. On the basis of statistical analysis of data on the consequences of manifestations of dangerous natural processes revealed patterns of their manifestations in space and time. The periods of time of increase of total number of events and emergency are allocated.

Психолого-педагогические аспекты воспитания и обучения

Publication date: 11.11.2016
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Levchenko Anastasiia Anatolevna , магистрант
Institute of Pedagogy and Psychology of FSBEI of HPE "Orenburg State Pedagogical University" , Оренбургская обл

«Обучение подростка в профильном классе: детерминированность профессионального самоопределения»

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This article presents the basics of teaching a teenager in profile classes, their influence on the selection determining student profession

Культурология и искусствоведение (теория и история культуры, музееведение и др.)

Publication date: 22.06.2017
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Kuznetsova Elena Pavlovna , студентка
Institute of Modern Art , Москва г

«Young vocalist's self-knowledge of voice»

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The article discusses the fundamental provisions of self-discovery features the voices of budding pop singer

Организация воспитательно-образовательного процесса в ДОУ

Publication date: 16.03.2016
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Guliaeva Olga Vitalevna , воспитатель
МБДОУ Д/С №131 , Иркутская обл

«Конспект интеллектуальной игры «В зелёном царстве, цветочном государстве» для детей подготовительной к школе группе»

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Intellectual game gives an idea of the diversity of the plant world, to fix room names and wild flowers, expand their vocabulary, gives the perception of double names of some plants; develops cognitive interest in the world around them; cultivate love and respect for nature.

Педагогика общеобразовательной школы

Publication date: 08.02.2018
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Tutygina Natalia Iurevna , учитель математики
Nekrasova Svetlana Albertovna , учитель русского языка и литературы
MBDOU MO "Gorod Arkhangel'sk" "Gimnaziia 6" , Архангельская обл

«Sotrudnichestvo na paralleli: organizatsiia vospitatel'noi raboty v usloviiakh vozrastaiushchei differentsiatsii obshchestva»

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This article analyzes the experience of cooperation of class groups in parallel of 7 grades (7A, 7B, 7C) Gymnasium No. 6 city of Arkhangelsk. Increasing the spiritual, social and economic differentiation of society this form of educational work becomes topical. The article presents content of headteachers, using educational technology to organize the educational process based on the principles of the strategy for the development of education in the RUSSIAN FEDERATION in the period up to the year 2025.

Publication date: 07.02.2017
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Aleksandrova Irina Sergeevna , candidate of pedagogical sciences , учитель информатики и ИКТ, заместитель директора по УВР
МБОУ «Школа №15» , Московская обл

«Организация внеурочной деятельности в рамках реализации ФГОС основного общего образования»

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The article considers extracurricular activities as an important area in the educational system of the younger generation and in light of the requirements of GEF, OOO. We study basic models of organization of extracurricular activities, is a characteristic of regular and irregular activities within the framework of extracurricular activities, and also focus on the assessment of the achievements and results of pupils at the end of extra-curricular activities.

Дополнительное (внешкольное) образование детей

Publication date: 31.08.2016
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Moiseeva Victoria Victorovna , преподаватель, руководитель вокальных ансамблей, концертмейстер
MBEI PCE "Oktyabrsk CMS" of Krasnogvardeysk region of the Crimea Republic , Крым Респ

«Work on the musical phrase, style and artistic image in works of small forms»

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This article presents the experience of working with a pianist pupil. The author describes the methods of the performing skills and mastering the features of polyphony performance (Bach Bure) frormation, as well as disclosure of expressiveness in the performance of image content of a musical work - N. Toropova's romance .


Publication date: 26.03.2015
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Kleidman Iuliia Anatolevna , учитель начальных классов
МБОУ «СОШ №13 с УИП эстетического цикла» , Ямало-Ненецкий АО

«Современные образовательные информационно-коммуникативные технологии в начальной школе»

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В статье описаны основные инструменты обучения школьника через образовательную модель «1 ученик: 1 компьютер», разработанную на платформе корпорации Intel. В качестве методов обучения используются технологии и сервисы сетевого взаимодействия, информационного поиска и создания цифровых объектов. Использование сервисов Google позволяет учителю создать уникальную среду электронного обучения, которая ключевым образом изменяет образовательную парадигму и дает возможность «учиться всегда и везде».

Дополнительное (внешкольное) образование детей

Publication date: 11.08.2017
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Starunskaya Anastasia Aleksandrovna , учитель истории и обществознания
Belgorod Engineering Youth Boarding School , Белгородская обл

«Сценарий классного часа в 10 классе «Я и моя будущая профессия»»

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Choosing a profession is a conscious definition of a person by the field of activity, which he intends to master and engage in for a long time. Choosing a profession, a person takes into account its social importance, prestige, weighs its abilities, assesses the opportunity to succeed, optimally self-express. The goal of a class hour is the teacher's help in choosing the students of their future profession, in understanding its importance.

Publication date: 03.12.2018
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Don Anastasiia Sergeevna , adjunct , преподаватель
МБУДО «Детская школа искусств» Арсеньевского городского округа , Приморский край

«General characteristics of the classification of visibility in the conditions of modern secondary and additional art education»

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This article discusses research on the problem of using visibility in training and education in the conditions of modern secondary and art education. As a result of analyzing the views of researchers, scientists in this field, a classification of clarity was developed for the disciplines in the decorative and applied arts.


Publication date: 10.04.2017
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Antsyborov Andrey Viktorovich , врач психиатр-нарколог
Medical Center "Mobilnaya medicina" , Ростовская обл
Mrykhin Vladimir Valerievich , candidate of medical sciences , доцент
FSFEI of HE “Rostov State Medical University” of Russia Ministry of Health , Ростовская обл

«Synthetic cannabinoids: new matrix addiction»

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The majority of synthetic cannabinoids (SC), belongs to the group of so-called designer drugs distributed through illegal online shopping. The first reports of this group of psychoactive substances appeared in the 70s of the last century. Today, according to various estimates, there are over 160 varieties of synthetic cannabinoids, and this figure is increasing annually due to the synthesis of new substances in the group. This group of substances is designed to «copy» the psychoactive effects of cannabis. Initially, these substances were created solely for research purposes, to study the endocannabinoid system of the person. Natural THC is a partial agonist of cannabinoid receptors. Synthetic cannabinoids are full agonists CB1R and CB2R types of cannabinoid receptors. Most countries in the world, including Russia, at the legislative level have taken restrictive measures for preventing the spread of this group of substances. In order to circumvent the legislative measures, the producers of synthetic cannabinoids regularly changing the chemical formula. Each year, an increasing number of emergency hospital admissions associated with the use of synthetic cannabinoids in the peer-reviewed literature describes the deaths directly attributable to medical complications after taking synthetic cannabinoids. Numerous studies have proven the possibility of developing psychological dependence due to the use of synthetic cannabinoids. The proposed review of the literature is presented for the purpose of organizing data in the field of synthetic cannabinoids.

Дополнительное (внешкольное) образование детей

Publication date: 28.03.2016
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Aleshina Kseniia Iurevna , преподаватель, заместитель директора по УВР
ГБОУ ДОД «ДМШ им. А.К. Глазунова» , Москва г

«Подготовка учащихся к освоению дирижерской техники в детской музыкальной школе»

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В данной статье рассматривается проблема введения в учебный план ДМШ дополнительной предпрофессиональной программы «Основы дирижирования». Отмечается недостаточность отведенных учебных часов на освоение данного курса, в связи с чем предлагается целенаправленно начинать развитие многих необходимых музыкальных способностей в более раннем возрасте, как базу для становления дирижерской деятельности (на примере развития метроритмического чувства у младших школьников на хоровых занятиях в ДМШ).


Publication date: 29.04.2016
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Moskvin Nikolay Gennadyevich , candidate of pedagogical sciences, docent , профессор
Naberezhnye Chelny Institute (branch) of FSAEI of HE "Kazan (Privolzhskiy) Federal University" , Татарстан Респ
Nyatyunova Valentina Ivanovna , учитель физической культуры высшей категории
MBEI "Gymnasium №2 named after M. Vahitov" , Татарстан Респ

«Track-and-field athletics as an element of health protection technologies at school (through the example of senior classes)»

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Using health protection technologies at schools helps to solve the problem of physical education of children, gives them knowledge and skills for leading a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a lot of attention is paid to this element during the educational process. Implementing track-and-field athletics in schools might well solve the problem of children upbringing. Track-and-field athletics is a significant part of educational system.